Good thing it's not a scratch'n sniff picture!

We're 10 miles from I-5, at which point we'll have gone 90 miles in 4

Maybe we'll have some updates for you, but we've got a lot to do in
the next 24 hours cuz we're getting back on the trail tomorrow.

Even if we did write more, there's not much to say. All we've done is
hike and pop Advil.


Erik said…
You guys are troopers! Everyone at church talks about you during the social hour! Even though you're not around, you are still on peoples' minds (including mine!). Keep up the good work. Hard to believe that you'll soon cross into Oregon.
John Knotts said…
awesome, way to motor guys! can't wait to see ya up here in Oregon!
Tanya said…
I love this picture of Caterpillar...too cute! =) Keep up the great work!

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