Monday, July 14 - A Cranial Collision

Desolation Wilderness is famous for its lakes, but hundreds of ponds and lakes create a romantic haven for mosquitos. We donned anti-bug head nets to keep the little buggers out of our faces and walked as fast as we could to get out of the shady, boggy areas.

Since the wide brims of our hats make it difficult to see what's coming ahead of us if we're paying attention to our feet, walking fast is not always the best plan. Jane walked her head into a tree, and fell backward slightly stunned. Then the mosquito swarm caught up to us and life was just miserable. That moment was so bad actually, I couldn't help but laugh. What else can you do?

We ended our second day at the campsite it took three days to get to last year... and we were there by five o'clock. Unfortunately, there isn't a good campsite for another ten miles so we called it a day. I went to bed at 7:30.


Tanya said…
OMG...LandShark...please help Caterpillar not fall and hit her head again, those stories scare us! I hope you are feeling okay Jane...take it easy.

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