Only 7.7 Miles Till More Food

After eating breakfast this morning, packing up, checking out, then
stopping at McDonald's so Steve could have a second breakfast (he
really wanted 2 sausage mcmuffins for $3.33), we stood on the side of
the road and hoped our hitching luck would continue. After about 3
minutes, who should pull up but a couple we had met while having
breakfast at JJ's. We told you only good things come from there!

They took their granddaughter to JJ's for breakfast for her birthday
(she is one of 13!!), and we started talking to them about the hike
and they told us he is the pastor of a church in Burney. So they were
driving out of town to visit a church member in the hospital when they
saw us on the side of the road and recognized us, so they pulled over.

We hiked the 7.7 miles to Burney Falls State Park, and stopped at the
general store for lunch - hot dogs, cottage cheese and fritos, ice
cold soda, and as you can see, ice cream. Are you getting tired of
pictures of us and food yet?

We're waiting out the heat and then we are on our own for food for the
rest of this stretch. No more resorts or restaurants till Mt. Shasta.
What will we do?!


lotto results said…
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Anonymous said…
You folks are doing great!!! Eating your way through Northern California seems like a great thing to do. We are off on our two week cruise aroung the Baltic Sea area. We think of you everyday and hope all continues to go well. Indiana Red and SloJo
Colleen said…
Steve and Jane,

It sounds like your trip is going well. Alan is now home and actually back to work a few days a week. What a 60 days. He is having problems gaining weight, He's down about 50 pounds. So my plan is to have him eat with you guys, forget the walking just the food...

Lot of Love,

Colleen,Alan and Heather
kgn said…
oh, that ice cream reminds me of the d.c.!
erics4 said…
Be safe in Shasta, guys! I hear the fires are still pretty bad up there.
camcook said…
Tanya said…
You guys are making this hiking thing, look way too fun and easy! To be able to eat all this GREAT food and then hike it all off in a few hours...just to have to refuel and eat more for the next part of the hike,is so awesome! BTW...I totally want to check out JJ’s if we ever go that way!

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