Saturday, July 5 - The Ridge to the Pass and Laziness

Meet Bill and Bear. Bear (real name Tom) is a lovable retired firefighter who goes to Mexico with us each year to build houses with the kids. When Bear heard we were doing this hike, he told us that his brother Bill comes up to this area a lot to fish, and they would be happy to meet up with us when we got to Sonora Pass. So we took them up on their lovely offer. And lucky we did – this is an incredibly hard place to hitch to and from.

With only 8 miles to hike, we were able to sleep in a bit and still make it out to Sonora Pass before noon. Unfortunately, I awoke that morning to find that my poncho was missing. This is a very nice and expensive poncho that Steve had purchased in case of rain. Of course it hasn't rained and so I haven't been able to use it even once. One of two things happened – either it fell out of my pack at some point during a stop the day before and I didn't notice it, or the mystery man who was camping next to us (we were already in our tent when he showed up) swiped it. Either way – it sucks.

Bill, Bear and their friend, Tony, picked us up at the Pass and took us back to their campsite down the road. On the way we stopped at a small store and picked up Its-Its – yum! The boys made us burgers with all the fixings for dinner, and we enjoyed many laughs, stories, political discussions, and s'mores around the campfire into the night. Tony's son Jeff and grandson Max also joined us and it was a delight to see a 13 year-old harass his grandfather as much as he did.


Jeff Richards said…
I love Beer, I mean Bill, or whatever people call him. I've camped and fished up there with Steve, Bear's dad and Rob, and Brian, and Jeff, and... Anyways, that's awesome you got to hang with them, and that you're this far!

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