Sunday, July 6 - Bridgeport and Bodie

We were having such a nice time with the fellas, we decided to take a zero to spend more time with them. Plus, they had mentioned steak for dinner!

Bill, Bear, Tony, LandShark, and I piled into the truck and headed back over the pass and into Bridgeport for breakfast. From there, we went to the gold-mining ghost town of Bodie and were wowed at such a strange place.

A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to Bear for pushing us to get organized, and especially to Bill for towing his trailer out there, taking care of us, and being an avid reader of this website. May he be an example of service to the rest of you ;)


John Knotts said…
I love Bodie. We used to do these really cool camping trips out to Sand Mountain in Nevada and then come through Bodie from the backside on all these old dirt roads. Good times!

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