Thursday, July 10 - To Echo Lake

With Echo Lake being so close, everyone was up and out early, very excited to be heading into town. The boys had been talking about Chinese buffet in South Lake Tahoe for about 3 days now.

When real food is around the corner, sometimes the last few miles can seem to drag on forever. But we finally made it to Echo Lake, and were happy to consume sandwiches and sodas. There was a bit of a hiker hangout outside the store, and we enjoyed the company of many hikers who were coming and going, including Marshall the Dunedain. He's a section hiker and bought us food and drink while offering encouragement and showers. Uncle Doug came up to pick us up, and we headed to Placerville.

Dinner was at In N' Out. Get ready for this. Caterpillar: 2 Hamburgers w/ grilled onions and one order of fries. Landshark: A 3x3, animal style, fries, and then, still hungry, a double-double w/ grilled onions. Hungry again by 8 p.m. We have officially become beasts.


John Knotts said…
food consumption like that brings a tear to my eye... I'm so proud of you guys!
Tanya said…
YUMMY...In-N-Out!! Sorry we missed you guys in Placerville...

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