Thursday, July 17 - Goofing Off

Before the Tony & Laura pick-up, Pat made us fantastic banana pancakes while we made Mike talk so much his sore throat worsened. The pancakes powered us through a day with Tony & Laura which included a raft ride down the Truckee river (nobody fell out this time around), a shopping spree at Miller's Outpost (pinnacle of world fashion), and a few epic games of Yahtzee and Boggle.

Perhaps the most fun we had all day however was when raiding the closet of Tony's family's cabin. Who knew 30 year-olds could still have fun playing dress up! Tony's family has owned this place for 30+ years and while the decor hasn't changed since they bought the place, you can tell by the pictures that the closets contain clothing far ahead of today's short-sighted designers. We shot this picture for Boggle's new box design.

It is such fun to get to hang out with our good friends and we will be very sad to say goodbye to them tomorrow when we get back on the trail. After this rest, we won't be taking many more zeros for the remainder of the trip. We still have more than half the trail to hike and less than half of the time to hike it. Kicking it up several notches is now a requirement.


TonyP said…
We're fantastic.
Tanya said…
You all look so RAD! I bet you some of those clothes are back "in" now! =)
John Knotts said…
hahaha! awesome!

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