Thursday, July 3 - Narsil to Anduril

This post is for Natalie Grant, wherever she is...

Arising to the biting mosquitoes of the dead marshes, we found our path nearly as steep as the way to Cirith Ungol. We ate at the highest pass, tired of peanut butter as if it were month-old lembas.

The solace of our meal was the gift of some Longbottom Leaf which Erik had brought to us in Fresno. For that moment, I enjoyed a rest like that enjoyed amongst the ruins of Isengard.

The rest of our journey that day took us through mosquito lairs as treacherous as Shelob's, til we met a wanderer named Marshall whose wisdom and travels suggest he was one of the Dunedain. Eventually, our day ended at the borders of a meadow as fair as Ithilien in all its glory. Nearly six leagues we walked in Middle-Yosemite ere evenfall and the Lady Caterpillar was tired.

As tired as you are of this ridiculous post.


Erik said…
And, for the rest of us, here's a handy tool to help in understanding the vocabulary used in this posting ... I hesitate to say "understanding this post" because LandShark's posts tend to be less understandable than Caterpillar's. And that's just the way it is. The link is helpful, however:
david said…
I didn't know you guys enjoyed "longbottom leaf." Indeed I was under the impression you were opposed to its consumption. I'll be sure to hook you up when I see you next.

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