Tuesday, July 1- Tuolumne to Virginia Canyon Creek

So when we told you on Monday that we were going to hitch out – we lied. We decided to stay another night in the Valley and take the 8 a.m. bus to Tuolumne on Tuesday morning. We were meeting friends at the next stop on Saturday, and we knew we would be able to make it in time, so why not enjoy another night of real food? And that's what we did!

Our bus ride was quite enjoyable. It was a tour as well as a bus ride, and we learned lots of interesting things about Yosemite, including bear stories, which were our favorite. One time there was a bear they called "Camaro" – he broke into a Camaro at the beginning of the summer and found so much food that he proceeded to break into 27 more Camaros the rest of the summer – he associated the shape of the car with food. They are smart! And that's why we have to carry bear canisters :)

After 5 days off the trail, it was hard to get started again. It's amazing how quickly you can get out of shape. Since we didn't get started until after 11 a.m., we hiked about 15 miles before camping. We were joined by Overdose, whom we had met in the Valley with Esoteric Ninja. Overdose got his name by taking 10 Aleve pills when his knees started hurting him. He's a funny guy.


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