Tuesday, July 8 - That creek to a saddle

Shortly after starting our day, we were surprised to run into a group of guys we had been hiking with before our Fresno break. This group of young bearded men are known as Noll, Bear (trail Bear, not house-building Bear), TenderFoot, and MoonDog. Over the course of the next few days, we will hike and camp with them a fair amount.

With a bit lower elevation, our days are hot, so we try to do as many miles in the morning as we can, and then take a long lunch break in the afternoon. We get about 14 miles to Ebbetts Pass (Hwy 4) by 1 p.m., and sit on the side of the road with the boys plus some. We enjoy watching cars pass, with people wondering if a new homeless camp has been set up on the side of the road.

After lunch, we were able to put in 8 more miles – making it a 22 mile day, which we were pretty proud of. We camped at a sagebrush-covered saddle with Bear, TenderFoot, Serpico, TreeBeard, and many others (sunset photo is from the saddle). It was a popular saddle. Serpico turns out to be a law school compatriot of Steve's childhood friend, Liz Basset. Remember, Justin Allamano, Liz?


Tanya said…
What a BEAUTIFUL sunset picture! Thanks for sharing.
Liz Bassett said…
In fact I do remember Justin Allamano, of course. What a small world that you would run into him on the PCT.

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