Wed., July 23 - Drakesbad to Outside Old Station

We had such a lovely time at dinner at Drakesbad, we decided to stay
for breakfast. Here is LandShark, Accent (she's from Quebec), and
RidgeWalker at our table; Mr. Clean and Rafiki also joined us later.
Breakfast was just as good, with scrambled eggs, potatoes, and then a
whole buffet of breads, bagels, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, and lots of
fresh fruit. We ate to our hearts content.

At 9:30 we hit the trail, with plans to come within a few miles of Old
Station, so we could eat at JJ's Diner tomorrow. At this point you
might be starting to see why this could be the best section ever :)

The trail itself is getting easier as we go, with milder climbs and
longer flat stretches. Basically it was a day of 22 uneventful miles

At 8:00, we set up camp on several inches of pine needles and said


Erik said…
Its beginning to sound like you're on vacation again!

Now, tell us a little about your elevation at this point -- it looks like Steve is bundled in his down coat ... how cold is it during this bit?

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