Wednesday, July 16 - Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Patty Fainer! For your birthday, we thought you'd appreciate us having some very nice friends pick us up from the trail and take care of us. What mother with sons as thoughtlessly selfish as this one expects tangible presents, anyway?

By 10 a.m. we reached Donner Pass at Hwy 40 and Jane made good on a promise made to one Alec Flatness during the junior high ski trip earlier this year. When we had driven past where the PCT crosses the road, she told Alec she would yell his nickname when we got there, and that's what she did. She's been waiting over three months to make it the 1,154 miles just to yell HOOTS!

We are very lucky to know such loving and giving people from PCLG, and we owe a huge THANK YOU to Mike & Pat Moore. Your hospitality, company and cabin was just tremendous. We enjoyed meeting Helen, Javier, Clara, Alex, Yvonne, and Blake and loved eating all your food. For those of you who don't know Mike & Pat, they are just about the nicest people in our church community, and they wanted to entertain us!

Mike, even though he was fighting a wicked cold, picked us up at Highway 80 at 11:30 am and him and Pat showered us with stories and kindness for 24 hours until Tony & Laura fetched us from Truckee and brought us to South Lake Tahoe.


mmoore115 said…
Hi Steve and Jane,we loved having you guys,and hearing your stories!After you left,we realized we never asked WHY?Please be prepared to respond to that BURNING question after you return!!Travel safe,Mike and Pat
Anonymous said…
yell hoots

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