Wednesday, July 2 - Virginia Canyon Creek to Benson Lake

Climb up a steep hill, rest for five minutes to catch your breath, and ruin your knees on the descent. Repeat three times over 17 miles.

Finally descend 3,000 feet to the birthplace of my understanding of "hell on earth," aka Benson Lake. Ah, Benson Lake... a tempting beach, a beautiful view, and more bloodsucking than Transylvania. We lived through this mosquito hell with not a few mental breakdowns.

Protecting Jane from bites at times required a level of intimacy most married couples are never required to experience. Alas, that's all I'll share!

Benson Lake is probably the first place since that incredibly windy day near Mojave (450 miles ago) where both of us said aloud, "why are we doing this?"

But the sun rose the next day, we lived, and we hiked the next day, too.


Cactus & Blackfoot said…
As it happens, we're getting off the trail - I've got bad shin-splints. BUT, afraid of being called sallies, we're going to go kayak the Yukon River. We hear its somewhat infested with grizzly bears, and even worse, mosquitoes.... what was that about intimacy?

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