Wednesday, July 9 - Sagebrush Saddle to Infant Truckee River Camp

We awoke with the sun, having plans for another long day. And it was, 23+ miles. We repeated the day before. Long miles, long lunch with the dudes, hiking past sunset. Today did mark the most epic of mountain names – we walked past "The Nipple." As you can see, it was appropriately named. Good times.

At our dinner spot, 21 miles into the day, many of us were gathered around picnic tables (picnic tables!) at Carson Pass on Highway 88. I was about to throw away a pouch of chicken sent by my mom which said, "Best before Nov. 4, 2005," when another hiker (Spiff) convinced me that someone would eat it. And she was right. Bear, TenderFoot and TreeBeard enjoyed the chicken and lived to tell about it. Hikers will eat anything, except for us apparently.

The seven miles from our lunch spot to Carson Pass included a beast of a climb known as "Elephant's Back." While Bear, et al. ate the chicken of yesteryear, a truck pulls up with hikers. Who should pop out but Noll and MoonDog. Three hours before, they arrived to our lunch spot. While the rest of us began hiking, they continued lounging, napping, and dreaming of Chinese buffet. Just about the time we were finishing our climb of Elephant's Back, these guys were offered cold beers and a ride from our lunch spot (it was next to a lake with a dirt road). A good deal of light-hearted name-calling and jealous frustration was directed toward these guys, but they lived to tell about it.


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