Adventures in Oregon

The hike out of Seiad Valley is a good one. It starts at 1,300 feet
and in 7 miles we were at 6,000 feet. Good times.

Wednesday morning we woke up ready to cross the border and looked at
the sky - it was cloudy on the Oregon side and sunny on the California
side. How appropriate.

We took this picture at the cooler of beers and sodas that were
awaiting us a few miles in, welcoming us to this great state. It was
the first time in several hundred miles that there was a clear view,
so we had to take advantage.

We got into Ashland by 11 am on Thursday and have very much enjoyed
this small and charming town. We were able to get tickets to two shows
at the Shakespeare Festival, and have been pretending we're not just
dirty, smelly hikers, but cultured, dirty, smelly hikers.


Eli said…
Weird! I just drove through ashland with my family a couple days ago. I knew you guys were going to be in oregon soon, so whenever we passed a sign for the PCT I kept hoping that, by some crazy miracle (is there any other kind?) you guys would step out of the trees. It's too bad we just missed each other. Good luck with the rest of the hike, and I'm sure you'll enjoy hiking Oregon, it's beautiful country.
Tanya said…
A cooler of beers and can't beat that! Thanks for for the beautiful picture! Keep it rockin!

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