Since we were already here, we decided to stay for breakfast. And it
was worth it... check out that fruit bowl!!


Tanya said…
The food you guys get to eat...makes me so jealous! Enjoy every bite of it for all of us at home counting the the opposite direction you guys are! =)
Anonymous said…
why didnt you guys just save an enormous amount of energy and effort,and just pitch your tent behind a Marie Callendars for 6 months???Mike Moore
David said…
Hey Guys,

Been a while since I've commented but this big plate of food cried out to my stomach which apparently forced my hands to start typing. I saw Erin on Sunday and she said she had a great time with you guys up in O-town. Sounds like Jane will be coming back as skinny as a Chinese diver (sorry, I have Olympics on my mind continuously). Glad to hear the hike is continuing to go well. We're looking forward to having you guys back home! Walk safe.

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