Crater Lake to Willamette Pass

We just stopped off at Shelter Cove Resort for showers and laundry,
then hiked three miles to Willamette Pass, a ski resort that is only
open Friday to Sunday, where we are filling up on pizza and onion
rings and watching the Olympics, something we have both been sad to
miss out on. Go women's volleyball!!

Steve had read about this place last week and was very strategic in
getting us here on a day they are open. He's very serious when it
comes to food consumption. And good thing he is, since our box of food
didn't arrive! Luckily with the combination of our leftover food,
some of Fireman's extra food and the small store at Shelter Cove, we
should survive. However if you don't hear from us for a week, you know
where to look for our starving bodies :)

A few updates from the last few days...

- We hiked through a butterfly migration. It was the oddest thing to
watch. We were hiking up Mt. Thiesen and hundreds of butterflies were
flying up and over the trail toward the top of the mountain. When we
hiked around to the other side, they were doing the same thing - they
all appeared to be going the same place. Steve thinks they were
migrating to their death, but I prefer more positive thoughts...
perhaps a butterfly and fairy convention?

- Apparently Oregon is like Southern California - it's relatively
flat, there are long stretches without water and it is wicked hot.
Except the heat is actually humid and during the heat the grey clouds
move in, it thunders, and then it rains on you. It wasn't actually
enough rain to do any damage, but did give us the practice of putting
our rain gear on.

- We have met all four south-bound hikers. Seven started but three had
to quit. The good news is that it sounds like snow shouldn't be a
problem for us.

- Afficionados of the classic educational game "Oregon Trail" will be
interested to know we literally hiked the Oregon Trail - a section of
trail that was originally cleared by a wagon train in the 1850's.
Steve tried to ford a river and lost two oxen; I caught Cholera.


Anonymous said…
Right on! I have an aunt and uncle that live in shelter cove.
Anonymous said…
That was me. Sorry.

kgn said…
you make me laugh. everyone knows the fairy convention is in the spring. hope your cholera feels better soon.
david said…
if you chose doctor at the beginning you should be fine
Martha said…
Steve, all I can think of when I see your pics now, courtesy of Caterpillar, is that book called "Year of Living Biblically." You look just like the guy who lives like a Nazarene for a year!! Lovin' that beard! :)
david b said…
I can't believe neither of you took the time to hunt. That's the best part of the game. db
TonyP said…
I'm wearing my O.T. t-shirt right now. Represent!!

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