Crater Lake

This is a picture of me realizing we forgot to take a picture with
Cam, Erin, LandShark, and me during our visit at Crater Lake. They
drove all the way up here just to spend one night with us... and it
was fun. We laughed, we cried, we made them hike 4 mikes with us, we
ate lots of spaghetti with homemade sauce, and we played a rousing
game of poker with Johnny Cache and Rafiki.

It was wonderful to see them and sad to say goodbye. While we still
love our hike, seeing friends and family makes us realize how much we
look forward to coming home.

The 100 miles from Ashland to Crater Lake was somewhat uneventful. We
did enjoy big miles, big trees that provided shade, and a few scenic
views. We also met a section hiker who had to get in his tent because
of the mosquitos - he's a former marine. I didn't think they were that

One final note - I now fit in Erin's jeans. Who would have ever


Erik said…
It is good to know that you miss us. I was starting to get worried that you guys wouldn't want to come home. I was also checking the blog all day to see photos of you guys with Cam and Erin. Such is life! Have fun.
Tanya said…
I didn't even know Cam and Erin went to visit you guys! NO FAIR! I wish I was a college student with a part-time job again, so I can just take off whenever I want...if I was...I would totally meet up with you guys and want to hike a bit. I'm totally jealous! Keep it up! doesn't surprise me you can fit into Erin's jeans...come on you're hiking up to twenty-something miles a day! =)
kgn said…
I MISS YOU, TOO!! and yes, i am yelling. and you are one skinny minnie! and tan! your hair is growing fast, too.

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