Hiking with John

As planned, we hiked 17 miles with John today from McKenzie Pass to
Santiam Pass. The first couple miles were hiking over lava rocks,
which wasn't so fun, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing - the
trail was pretty flat and easy.

John was impressive - it's not easy to do 17 miles when you haven't
been hiking everyday for the past 4 1/2 months.

After this, Mandy and John made another spectacular meal which was
quite delicious and filling. We are both a little sad to be leaving
such wonderful hospitality tomorrow, but I don't think we can stay
here forever!


Anonymous said…
Just checking in again... It is so amazing to read your stories of the people you meet. I wish we were brave enough to tackle something of such.... strength, both mentally and physically. Steve I thought of you today heading home from the gym, there was a young asian man driving a Altima Hybrid and he was a member of the 11-99 Foundation. It took me back to our drive to the football game and Foster Freeze. Yummy!!! Daniel's SB reunion is coming up and is $92 per person for a three course dinner/dance. Yikes!!!! Well I will let you get back to hiking... TTYL Tracy James
Johnny K said…
Ah you guys are welcome here anytime!

Thanks again for delaying your departure so that I could join you for a day on the trail. It was a great time. My only complaint was that it went too fast! I wish I could get out there for a couple more days on the trail with you guys.

Looking forward to your next post -- it was only in the 60's here today and the mountains were totally buried in clouds. I was praying it wasn't horribly cold or wet again up there. I almost did that insane drive again to check in.
Anonymous said…
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