The Pancake Challenge Aftermath

Just kidding. This little landmine, alongside my new size 15 shoes for
scale, was left behind by a soon-to-be burger. Unfortunately, the
smoke obscured our views so much that this was the only thing I shot
with the iPhone in the last 5 days.

We did 100 miles from Shasta to Etna in 4 days and change. Whoever
said Northern California is easy is a dirty liar - there were some
steep climbs. Jane's blisters returned with a 26 miler, then a 27,
then a 28. She was still a good sport!

As we continue these big mile days for the rest of the trip, I suspect
our time for anecdotes of off trail wackiness may decline. About this
I'm a little sad, but we gotta push, right?

Here's what you need to know:

1. I saw a three-foot timber rattler which rattled at me and slithered
across the path in front of me. I was too thrilled to remember my
camera. After this, I fantasized about being attacked by a rattler and
imagined my hiking poles being the best defense. Basically, to come
home with a rattlesnake skin (because of self-defense) would satisfy
my desire to be savagely awesome. The whole hiking all day and wiping
with rocks isn't cutting it anymore, I guess.

2. We spooked some cows again at the very end of the section. I'm
always impressed by how fast they can move, especially on a steep
hillside. A real stampede would be terrifying.

3. There is more fire, so we're jumping up another 55 miles to Seiad
Valley, home of the oft discussed pancake challenge. Since we're not
walking into town, my appetite is not right for 5 lbs of dough. I will
have to let Blackfoot's 3.5 lbs stand as the record between friends
until another year.


TonyP said…
Bad news about the pancake challenge. I was on the edge of my seat to hear how it went down...and hopefully not back up again.
Tanya said…
Thanks for the update LandShark! Sorry to hear that there will be no pancake challenge for you, and that you didn't get your rattlesnake skin...but we all still think you guys are savagely awesome!
Anonymous said…
steve, i just wanted you to know that your beard makes you look like a yeti. love, skips
Cactus said…
You big sally! How did Jane do?

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