Sisters to Timberline Lodge

Sunday - 23 miles

The Knotts family dropped us off at the trail after a quick stop at
the bakery (Sisters Bakery is amazing if you're ever in town - the
apple fritter is big enough for three people or one LandShark). They
walked us half a mile up the trail (Travis ran most of it), and we
said our goodbyes. The weather was good and while there were a few
climbs, it felt good to be back on the trail.

Around dusk we joined a camp with two section hikers. They told us
that just two weeks ago this upcoming section had 90% snow and now
it's down to 10-15%. While we are feeling a bit behind on time, this
was another reminder that we are where we are for a reason.

Shortly after our friends got in their tents, the thru-hiker
convention showed up... Lorenzo, Clearwater, Mark, and Jean joined our
party. The clouds weren't looking so friendly, so we weren't all that
surprised when it rained that night.

Monday - a whopping 11.5 miles

We woke up and it was cold and raining. We tried to keep hiking with
minimal breaks to keep warm. But it just wasn't our day. At one point
I ran my head straight into a fallen tree and fell on my butt (again).
Our new "weatherproof" gloves proved to keep our hands dry for about
an hour. We stopped quickly for lunch and I think that was our
downfall - we got too cold and were soaked, and we were quickly losing
all control of our hands. We were at a point where we were about to go
up and over a mountain 1,000 feet up - so it was either call it a day
or try to keep going and get to a lower elevation where it might be a
bit warmer. So at 2:00 we set up our tent (while our hands worked
enough to do even that) and called it a day. Good thing we carry
books! It was actually a nice, relaxing afternoon, since we were warm
in our sleeping bags.

Tuesday - 30.7 miles

Obviously we had some making up to do. Thankfully we awoke to a clear
sky. Much of our clothing was still wet from the day before, so we
were cold and it took a while to warm up. The one good thing about
stopping the day before - we actually had a view of Mt. Jefferson at
the top of the ridge - we wouldn't have seen anythin yesterday with
all the clouds. This is a picture of Steve and the mountain.

At the top of our climb we met up with Danger-prone and Hawkeye, who
we hadn't seen since Crater Lake. They were trying to make it to
Cascade Locks by Friday afternoon to pick up their box at the post
office, so we both had reasons for going big miles. We hiked with them
the rest of the day and into the night and camped at a small spring.
It was nice to have company.

Wednesday - 33.2 miles

Our biggest day yet! We awoke to a gray sky and the threat of rain. It
drizzled and misted a bit and by 11 the sun was peeking through. It
never turned into a sunny day but the chance to feel the warm sun
after the rain was appreciated. Another day of hiking into the night
and camping with Dangerprone and Hawkeye.

Thursday Morning - 2.3 miles to Timberline Lodge

We awoke with the excitement of coffee and a real breakfast right
aroud the corner. We hiked the 2.3 miles into Timberline Lodge (a year-
round ski resort) and had one of the best breakfast buffets ever.
While we were drying out gear and waiting to inherit leftover food
from Dangerprone and Hawkeye's food drop, MoonPie showed up and we all
decided to hike out together.


kannan said…
Welcome to eucational website -
Anonymous said…
Hi Jane and Steve,Pat and I used to ski Mt. Hood,and stay at Timberline Lodge.It was built by the WPA in the early 30's.That big stone fireplace is magnificent-hope you spent some time in front of it!!Much Love,Mike Moore PS-KEEP IT GOING!!
Gareth said…
Nice to hear from you guys again.

I hiked about five miles of the Pacific Crest Trail the other day near the The Wind River Canopy Crane, which is pretty near Carson, Washington. It was really pretty and there were tons of huckleberries.
John Knotts said…
glad you survived the cold ok that day. It was pretty cold down here in town that day and you could tell it was raining in the mountains... I almost went looking for you guys!
Tanya said…
What a full week of cold, lots of hiking and hitting your head (again)! I know you can't help it...but I just have to more of that okay...we don't like it when we read about you guys getting makes us worry more!

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