Things Just Happen

Ok. So first we had a tough time getting out of Ashland (one of our
hardest hitches yet), until Seamus picked us up. An AT veteran, he's
hoping to hike the trail next year. Seamus got us back to the trail at

Then we hiked 17 miles, and just before hitting hwy 66 (the exact road
our motel in town was on!), we met Jacob and Rachel who were out for a
ride on Jacob's new motorcycle (60mpg). Yes, they are bible heroes.
No, I didn't ask them about what it's like to be a bible hero (how do
you ask a guy named Jacob dating a girl named Rachel if he has three
other wives, or if this particular girl is worth 14 years of toil with
the in-laws' family business; you can't ask because no one gets bible
jokes anyway).

One thing led to another and we all ended up 1.5 miles down hwy 66 at
a restaurant and inn for dinner. They bought us very good beer and we
chatted trail, life, and an upcoming trip to Costa Rica. It was great!
Then it got cold & dark, it was time to go home, and we parted
company. But see, we have to walk. We were gonna hitch if it was still
light out...alas, no light.

Caterpillar, wise as she is, didn't want to walk on a dark mountain
highway without much of a shoulder (we already walked here). So I
asked the folks in the now closed restaraunt for help.

Turns out for 15 bucks a head, you can sleep in the yurt. Nicest yurt
you ever saw, too. Reminds us of a youth room really, which as you can
imagine, we are quite comfortable in. Genghis Khan wishes he had such
a nice yurt.

Clearly, when Jacob, father of the twelve tribes, and Rachel, mother
of Joseph of technicolor dreamcoat fame, buy you a beer, things just
end up working out.


Tanya said…
Great Bible lesson LandShark....I love it! I'm so glad things worked out for you guys and you listened to the wise Caterpillar and decided not to hike in the DARK!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear about those two cool pOOple you met on the trail. Also glad to hear you liked the beer. You both seem pretty neat yourselves.

-Jacob and Rachel-

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