This is Crater Lake

It is beautiful, and the deepest lake in the U.S., which is what gives
it it's stunning blue color. We are about to hike the rim trail out of


when will you go online?
Yugs, daw nabasahan ko naman ni sa iban nga blog?
Erik said…
Very beautiful photo. I bet it is amazing. You've already conquered more than 1/4 of Oregon!
Tanya said…
What a beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing!
carlo said…
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Martha said…
We've been to Crater Lake more than once. Gorgeous! What I most remember, however, is standing on the rim with David, who was about 4, and thinking, "If he were to stumble and fall, there's no barrier in sight which would keep him from hurtling straight into that gorgeous lake."
So we high-tailed it back to the lodge. Which is one reason he turned 18 yesterday.
As for you guys, rock on!
Malcolm said…
GO GO GO Steve and Jane ... we are proud of you and your fantastic progress ... only a state and a half to go. You guys are amazing!
- Emily, Jackson, Beth & Malcolm
Anonymous said…
It was great to return home to find you guys still maintaining a great attitude and appetite. You continue to real well on the PCT and we continue to miss being out there with all of you. We had a fun cruise in the Baltic Sea region for over two weeks. Cactus and Blackfoot will stay with us on Sunday night (17th) and then we will take them to Sierra City on Monday. Take care and we will be following your progress. Indiana Red and SloJo

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