Peer Pressure and Food

Caterpillar and I came into tiny Trout Lake for food and an afternoon
free of freezing hands. We're about to hitch out with (from the left)
Jesse, Hoffa, Don't Panic, and MoonPie. We've been hiking with them
since Cascade Locks and having lots of fun.

We arrived at Kennedy Meadows with Hoffa (mile 702) and haven't seen
him since Mammoth (mile 900). He's hilarious! But out of everyone,
MoonPie is in charge.


David B said…
This looks like a group that could get in lots of trouble together. Reminds me of a bunch of youth leaders who just proudly played a vicious prank on their students and are waiting for them to fall into the trap. Not sure just looks that way.

Anonymous said…
How's the weather right now? Jane looks bundled up in a jacket and pants and a nice, warm hat. But some of the others are just wearing shorts. Inquiring minds want to know...
Tanya said…
I'm so glad you guys have a great group of friends to hike with...I'm sure it makes the hiking a lot easier when you have a good group to do it with! GO CATERPILLAR! I love the fact she is representing the WOMEN!

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