Home Sweet Home

After 180 days, we have arrived home... to many beautiful welcome home signs and, as we might have expected, toilet paper - both inside and out. This is our newly redecorated bedroom, courtesy of teenagers. Cute, huh? Steve likes it, if you can't tell from his face :)

So why are we just now getting home? Good question.

After crossing into Canada, Steve's parents met us in Manning Park and we enjoyed one last night of hanging out with our trail friends. The next day we drove into Vancouver and had a leisurely dinner at a Chinese food place across the street.

Dave and Patty were hurting for some tourism fun, so on Saturday we took a tour around the great city, stopping at such sights as the fish hatchery, the suspension bridge and riding a gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain where we watched a lumberjack show and saw the grizzly bear habitat. On suggestion from our tour guide, we ate at a wonderful Indian restaurant downtown - probably one of our best meals since being off the trail.

On Sunday, Dave and Patty dropped us off downtown and we began our departure home - via a 3 day cruise to LA. We decided we might as well travel home in style, and with a bit of relaxation, and what better way than a floating hotel/casino/restaurant all-in-one.

It was fun, but we also felt too lazy - hard to adjust from 25 miles a day down to just relaxing and eating.

Wednesday we came into port in Long Beach. Jesse was nice enough to pick us up and take us to the LB airport where we could rent a car for the remainder of the trip home. During our drive he told us that he ended up getting "the giardia," and it was pretty bad. But he was on his last day of medicine and feeling much better. Both Steve and I were very lucky to have never gotten sick, since we were getting pretty lazy with our water filtering toward the end.

We took our rental car, drove up to Ventura where we spent the afternoon with the grandparents, and made a surprise visit to Andy, Lisa and family. In the evening we had dinner with one of our dearest Westmont friends, Kelly, and her husband Jake, and then we headed up to Santa Barbara for one last night away.

Even though Steve's parents still weren't home, we stayed at their house, packed all our hiking stuff that was at their house in the car, waited for lunchtime so Steve could have his El Sitio (Mexican food) that he had been dreaming about, and then drove home.

It is very weird to be home. Good, but weird.


Jeff Richards said…
I bet it's weird, but also good. Praying that you transition well, while keeping whatever you're supposed to from your adventure.
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see you guys. I have missed you both!
Johnny K said…
keep me posted on what's next!
Gareth said…
Steve, you are not allowed to shave until after I come home for thanksgiving!
Sheila Norton said…
Welcome home Steve and Jane. It is with a lot of envy and enjoyment that I kept up with you guys and kept you in my prayers.
Amanda.D said…
didnt you guys luv our tp job, norma rose suggested it. it will be great to see you guys though! cant wait.
david said…
count yourself lucky the senior boys had already shipped out for college or your room full of toilet paper might very well have been a room full of pumpkins, christmas trees, mr boxes and street sign posts

Ditto gareth re beard
Anonymous said…
Welcome home,you guys,and congratulations on a terrific accomplishment!!Mike and Pat Moore
Shell said…
ah El Sitio is the best!!!!!!!

Welcome home... see you in two weeks! :)
meryl said…
welcome home! (:
Tanya said…
It was so great seeing you guys on Saturday at the wedding and knowing that you guys are finally home! What an amazing and wonderful accomplishment! I too pray that you both transition well and coming back home/work isn't too hard on you guys. We love you both so much and we are so proud!

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