I booked a later flight today so I could walk around Chicago, since
I've never been here before. So I'm walking down Michigan Ave, trying
to stay warm and taking in all the downtown sites and beautiful
buildings, and who should I see walking toward me - none other than
Meg Loomis, who was in our youth group several years ago. She
graduated from college last June and is now working at the Ritz
Carlton here in Chicago. I didn't know she was living here, so both of
us were rather surprised.

I guess you just never know who you're going to run into on the
streets of one of the biggest cities in America.


Erik said…
Oh wow! That's pretty impressive - you guys must have both been so shocked! I'm glad to hear that Meg has landed in a good place.
Anonymous said…
wow. I don't even know her but I'm still amazed.
mcfarland said…
Tarzan and Zelda said…
You guys need to get back on the trail so we can get together!
Caroline said…
hahah that is amazing! Awww such a cute pic too.

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