A refugee camp in the city

Carlo, Luke and I met in the Marina district to walk through the
Doctors Without Borders educational camp today.

The experience is quite sobering and remains in town for the next few

Contrary to real refugee camps, however, this one has views of five
million dollar homes.

Carlo says, "It's so freakin' hot in San Franciso today. Imagine what
a North African refugee camp is really like."

Luke retorts,"That's a fake quote."


Anonymous said…
I'm glad that the blog hasn't died! Yet...
Why does Maddie have no faith in us?!?!
Cory said…
Yea! The blog lives on! We have missed you in the last week or so :o)
Anonymous said…
I do have faith! I'm just judging based on past experiences... ;)
Gareth said…
If it's hot in San Franciso, imagine what the weather in San Francisco must be like!

(heh heh heh)
Anonymous said…
I hear the food was OK

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