The Windy City

After a month off the trail, I was feeling a bit claustrophobic being back in normal life, so it was time to hit the road again. Chicago here I come!

Ok, that's a lie, at least the first part. But I really am in Chicago. On my second day back to work I was told I was attending Graph Expo for Epson, and here I am.

It's always hard to travel toward the east, because you lose time and you end up doing what I am doing right now - not being tired at 12:30 because your body tells you it's only 10:30. But I'll be sorry in the morning.

Perhaps you will hear more stories of adventure, wonder and pizza (?) from Chicago, in the meantime, here's a picture of the fireworks over the Navy Pier (with the Ferris wheel on the left), taken from my hotel room.

P.S. First night the LandShark and Caterpillar have been apart in well over six months = a little hard and slightly weird.


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