Saturday, August 30, 2008

Timberline Lodge to Cascade Locks

Thursday Afternoon - 21 miles after Timberline

After we fueled up with the buffet and took Dangerprone and Hawkeye's
extra food, we headed out with them and MoonPie to do some big miles
before calling it a day. At the top of a brutally steep climb,
Lorenzo joined the party. The poor guy took an alternate route and
had to walk an extra 7 miles because that trail was washed out.

In spite of MoonPie's protestations, we hiked into the dark and after
much searching and discussion, finally found a large campsite for all
of us. It's fun to be in such a big group.

Friday - 22 miles

This picture was taken today on our way into town with Mt. Hood in the
background. It's dark, but you get an idea of what Jane looks like
after 6 days without a shower.

On our way into Cascade Locks, we took the Eagle Creek alternate trail
(which every thru hiker takes because it's way prettier). We passed
about 20 waterfalls along this trail including Tunnel falls - this
200+ foot fall has a dynamited tunnel behind, so you get to walk
underneath the fall. Pretty cool!

We got to town around 5:30 and immediately proceeded to the town pub
to meet up with about 15 other thru hikers.

And speaking of other hikers, we ran into So Far today! He had hitched
north and was walking south back to Sisters for a bluegrass festival.
It was really great to see him. We met him at about mile 22, and
haven't seen him since mile 720, so seeing him at mile 2,143 was a
good surprise.

One final note: we're excited for WA because we've already begun
enjoying wild berries. According to Lewis & Clark freshman and youth
group alum Gareth, the berries are waiting for us in WA. Thanks for
scouting the trail for us Gareth!


We are waiting for MoonPie and Hoffa to return from their visit to
Portland, then this afternoon thr four of us will walk over the Bridge
of the Gods and enter into Washington.

Sisters to Timberline Lodge

Sunday - 23 miles

The Knotts family dropped us off at the trail after a quick stop at
the bakery (Sisters Bakery is amazing if you're ever in town - the
apple fritter is big enough for three people or one LandShark). They
walked us half a mile up the trail (Travis ran most of it), and we
said our goodbyes. The weather was good and while there were a few
climbs, it felt good to be back on the trail.

Around dusk we joined a camp with two section hikers. They told us
that just two weeks ago this upcoming section had 90% snow and now
it's down to 10-15%. While we are feeling a bit behind on time, this
was another reminder that we are where we are for a reason.

Shortly after our friends got in their tents, the thru-hiker
convention showed up... Lorenzo, Clearwater, Mark, and Jean joined our
party. The clouds weren't looking so friendly, so we weren't all that
surprised when it rained that night.

Monday - a whopping 11.5 miles

We woke up and it was cold and raining. We tried to keep hiking with
minimal breaks to keep warm. But it just wasn't our day. At one point
I ran my head straight into a fallen tree and fell on my butt (again).
Our new "weatherproof" gloves proved to keep our hands dry for about
an hour. We stopped quickly for lunch and I think that was our
downfall - we got too cold and were soaked, and we were quickly losing
all control of our hands. We were at a point where we were about to go
up and over a mountain 1,000 feet up - so it was either call it a day
or try to keep going and get to a lower elevation where it might be a
bit warmer. So at 2:00 we set up our tent (while our hands worked
enough to do even that) and called it a day. Good thing we carry
books! It was actually a nice, relaxing afternoon, since we were warm
in our sleeping bags.

Tuesday - 30.7 miles

Obviously we had some making up to do. Thankfully we awoke to a clear
sky. Much of our clothing was still wet from the day before, so we
were cold and it took a while to warm up. The one good thing about
stopping the day before - we actually had a view of Mt. Jefferson at
the top of the ridge - we wouldn't have seen anythin yesterday with
all the clouds. This is a picture of Steve and the mountain.

At the top of our climb we met up with Danger-prone and Hawkeye, who
we hadn't seen since Crater Lake. They were trying to make it to
Cascade Locks by Friday afternoon to pick up their box at the post
office, so we both had reasons for going big miles. We hiked with them
the rest of the day and into the night and camped at a small spring.
It was nice to have company.

Wednesday - 33.2 miles

Our biggest day yet! We awoke to a gray sky and the threat of rain. It
drizzled and misted a bit and by 11 the sun was peeking through. It
never turned into a sunny day but the chance to feel the warm sun
after the rain was appreciated. Another day of hiking into the night
and camping with Dangerprone and Hawkeye.

Thursday Morning - 2.3 miles to Timberline Lodge

We awoke with the excitement of coffee and a real breakfast right
aroud the corner. We hiked the 2.3 miles into Timberline Lodge (a year-
round ski resort) and had one of the best breakfast buffets ever.
While we were drying out gear and waiting to inherit leftover food
from Dangerprone and Hawkeye's food drop, MoonPie showed up and we all
decided to hike out together.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hiking For Angie

Six years ago this month, my best friend Tony lost his mom, Angie, to ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. She was a beautiful, smart, loving, courageous, and hilarious woman who inspired everyone who knew her.

Every September we honor Angie by participating in the Bay Area's Walk to D'Feet ALS, which helps raise funds in support of internationally driven cutting-edge ALS research and community-based patient services programs. This year Steve and I are unable to walk because of this crazy hike we're on. But as you know, we are actually walking quite a bit! Given this, we have decided to dedicate the month of September (our last month on the trail) to Angie and ALS.

As you know, we haven't made this a hike about causes or sponsorship, but because Angie touched our lives, we are asking you to support us in this last month of the PCT. We figure if everyone gave even $10, we could make a big difference in the fight against this horrible disease.

If you follow the link below, it will lead you to our personal page where you can easily donate. As you can see, we have made our goal $1,000, but we really think it would be great to to raise a dollar for every mile we will have walked by the end if this trip. Moreover, if you feel motivated, we welcome you to join the For Angie team and walk on Sept. 13 at Vasona Park in Los Gatos.

Thank you for all the support you have showed us up to this point, and for the support we know you will show in our efforts to raise money for ALS.

Support the Hike to D'Feet ALS

Join the For Angie team