Mexico dinner

You can't see us (melissa,katy,evann,rachel,shannon and maddie)
because we're way in the back, but we're all at sergios on our way
back from Mexico. After an entire day of driving, you can imagine how
satisfied we are with Mexican cuisine. Although we are greatly
saddened that our mission has come to a close, this restaurant is a
reminder of all we have completed in dusty Tijuana. We are also quite
pleased by the prospect of clean, warm, running water: an incredible
Also I would like to share my favorite memory of the trip: yesterday,
jane and I (Melissa) got into an epic stucko duel. I'd have to say I
won because I got stucko on the back side of her overalls. Don't
worry, we have pictures. Although I have to say she got me pretty
good down the shirt.
P.S. Lima lentils soy and pinto navy northern and garbanZo kidneys and
frijolesI love beans woo woo woo
I love beans how bout you
Beans are an excellent source of protein
I love beans
When I eat beans I sit it in my own little cloud
Nobody comes to play with me in my little cloud
I don't know why maybe it's cuz I'm cuttin muffins
Doo doo doo (repeat)


erics4 said…
Woohoo! Can't wait to see all of yall back this afternoon.

P.S. Melissa, mad props for the Cartoon Planet reference.

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