The Attic

Last night we learned a little more about our attic. Once upon a time,
all the top floors at camp had arched roofs. About six years ago,
money came in to redo a section of roof and remodel the top floor.
Then last year the next section of roof was completed. What we're
clearing out will become a new large meeting room, and it will also
become insulation for the floor of dorm rooms below, thus making the
bottom floor open in winter. That will allow for the number of
students in Bible school to nearly double, I think.

During the summer, "the camp" is a summer camp. During the school
year, it is a bible school for college students who want to study with
international students and do mission/ministry work in Albania. About
half the students are from Albania, the other half from all over the

As you can tell, we have a long way to go before the attic is cleared,
and God has to provide the money to do it, but trust me, the
difference is pretty sweet!


Erik said…
Thanks for the photo and explanation about the attic. I had intended to ask, but was having trouble commenting from work. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the attic will be put to great use -- your first post made it sound like your work didn't have a purpose, and yet it seems like a very exciting prospect that much good will go on in that room after it is finished! Good work! And keep the updates coming as you can.
mike moore said…
Great news,Steve:now that you and your team are experts you can clean out the attic at church as soon as you return!!!Blessings,Mike Moore

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