Friday, August 07, 2009

Jaji's garden

As promised, here's a picture of Jaji's garden. The church office
building is the two story building on the right.

In my first Albanian language lesson, I learned, or tried to learn,
the 36 letters of the Albanian alphabet. Jaji is technically spelled
"Xhaxhi" and while the letter "gj" also seems to make a j sound, the
Albanians insist it is a different sound entirely. The "j" makes a y
sound like in "your."

At the end of the lesson, they made me read sentences by sounding out
words. This proved embarrassing of course, mostly because Tejuta said
I pronounced every word like I was very excited and had a lot to say,
but couldn't get my words out fast enough. It was a spot on
description, actually.

Today we'll be going on a hike up to a restored orthodox church.
Also, we should load our truck for the mountains so tomorrow morning
isn't crazy busy.

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Anonymous said...

Steve,Perhaps you can give your next sermon in Albanian? Mike