The Kitchen View

We live in a big house with two kitchens. The Stoscher house is big
because it was originally purchased to be an orphanage. The orphanage
didn't work out so it serves as family and guest quarters. The photo here
is from the downstairs kitchen where we gather for meals and where I
make the coffee every morning.

Look closely and you can see the family gardens of each property.
Albanians are amazing gardeners, and they need to be because of the
vast quantities of tomato and cucumber salad served.

Across the street, adjacent to the church, is a massive plot kept by
the savagely impressive "Jaji". Jaji means uncle, but that's what
everyone calls him. To his friends, he might be Jajka. Jaji also works
at camp and has been working harder than all of us despite being older
than Sam (maybe) and much shorter than Erin. I'll take a picture of
the garden and Jaji.

Today felt like more breaks than work as we waited for instruction.
Then we were asked to sweep in the attic. Even after wetting down the
concrete I kicked up so much dust I was reflecting on the disastrous
health consequences I might be incurring in the future by sweeping.

This afternoon we lost to Albania 2-1 in volleyball. I had to pick
George and Schroeder up off the court because they broke down into
tears after the emotional last game. Sam was so upset he kicked the
ball over the fence. Erin swore like a sailor and Kaiser just stood
there. What else is new?

We did actually lose. We reacted differently, of course.

Tonight we went back to camp and sang "I've got peace like a river,"
"if you're happy and you know it," and "lord I lift your name on high"
in Albanian, among other songs. The words change, but the hand motions
stay the same.

On our way back, Schroeder apologized for his tearful outburst by
buying us ice cream sundaes. Total cost for five sundaes with mixed
fruit? Five dollars. We love Albania.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for your wonderful reports,Steve.It makes me feel like I am there!!Mike

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