More Dust

To keep you from knowing the horror of the dusty storage areas, here's
a pleasant picture of Erin from our coffee break at Don Cafe this
afternoon. Three double-espressos and two sodas=$3.50. We love
Albania. Did I say this already?

Anyway, here's the best story of the day. Erin and Kaiser had to clean
out a tool closet filled with dust, rat poo, and rat poison.
Eventually, I replaced Erin in this job. Kaiser found an old pouch of
rat poison and walked out of the closet pretending to eat from the
pouch of poison. Arnold and Simon freaked out and tried to grab it out
of his hands yelling, "yo, yo, yo!!!" This, in Albanian, is "no, no,

Kaiser said he did it as part of an ongoing lesson to convince our
fifteen year-old bosses that Americans should not be left alone for
more than five minutes at a time.

Also, tonight Erin got hugged by an 11 year-old boy we know from
church volleyball. This was poor behavior in Albanian. But we laughed
about it.


Anonymous said…
haha great stories!!
Anonymous said…
Steve,Where would we all be without coffee-the universal wake up beverage/social connection.Hope the Albanian version does not spoil you for Peets?Blessings,Mike

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