More Exhaustion

Today we began our work project which is really just clearing a huge attic and moving it 75 yards down the road to another attic. Eventually, this attic we're emptying will have the ceiling knocked out and the whole thing will be remodeled. I just asked George for an estimate on the size of the attic. He says 40x100 feet, and imagine a hot, dusty space that size filled, FILLED, with useful and not so useful stuff.

We moved desks, bunk beds and at least 100 doors. Not hard except when you have to lift all these things up 12 feet in the air over the banister and half if it goes up another flight of stairs. My height got me a permanent job as a door lifter and I don't know how long its been since my shoulders have felt so sore.

Soreness was relieved by a gyro we'd been dreaming about all morning. We got back from lunch and some kids had arrived for camp. Hours of soccer, basketball and volleyball ensued, and I was playing until I could barely stand anymore. I made many new 12 year old friends.

Around five o clock, I joined everyone else from our crew as they had all run out of juice already. We sat exhausted for an hour until dinner where I ate with 7 Albanians who couldn't speak a lick of English (unusual, actually). Kaiser, George and Schroeder all ate at tables that wafted laughter at my depressing table. I was ashamed for not being more entertaining and annoyed at them for winning the "other English speakers" lottery.

After dinner, we returned home to the Stoschers. And we've been lounging, but not sleeping, ever since.

I know I'm not explaining everything all that well, but perhaps the good reader can fill in the blanks...or ask questions.


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