Our Taskmasters

Today was much the same as yesterday on the work front. We moved stuff
from here to there. Translating, helping, and generally telling us
what to do are (from right to left) Simon, Arnold and Cleo.

Simon is supposed to be the best English speaker but he's the quietest
of the three. This afternoon, I learned he is quite good at volleyball.

Arnold works non-stop and is the biggest jokester of the three. He
also takes Erin's stuff and carries it up the stairs for her. This is
not her choice. Arnold is my go to guy for "how do you say this?" type

Cleo is a slight, wiry little guy that makes me feel better about
wearing a baseball cap. I was worried I was sticking out because of my hat
(I forget that I tower over everyone just about everywhere), so when I
noticed him wearing a hat, I was relieved. Cleo is way stronger than
his size would suggest and I have learned this by lifting something up
to him. When he takes it, he looks less strained than I feel.

Our friends are seated at the far end of the outdoor pavilion where
campers eat and where George and Sam like to take breaks from the
sun. All three are in high school and go to church at Mark's church.
Simon and Cleo never seem to break a sweat, while Arnold is a regular
old Eli Burnham. That means he is an artesian spring.

Tomorrow we "get" to go make several runs to the dump. That should be
an adventure.


Anonymous said…
too funny about the "Eli Burnham" comment!

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