Until 2 weeks ago, I hadn't played volleyball in several years.
Volleyball was my main sport in high school and college, and when I
played on the beach in Santa Cruz two weeks back, I realized how much
I missed it.

Then God provided a camp where I'd get to play an hour a day for a
week on a low net against less capable opponents. It makes my
extremely rusty skills look good.

Even Sam and George are getting into the volleyball games, while
Kaiser and Schroeder have become monsters on the court. No surprise,
Kaiser likes to trash talk. But the kids do, too.

Yesterday, America beat Albania 2-1, and it was intense. This is six
tall adults vs six Albanian jrhi and high school kids. No one on the
Albanian team was taller than our shortest player. I'm glad they took
a game on us, but still can't believe it.


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