We made it, but we're tired!

The PCLG Albania team made it to Erseke, Albania about 24 hours ago
and we've been having fun/recovering ever since. We haven't done any
"official" work yet, but we did spend today playing with the Stoscher
kids and helping in the kitchen on preparation for a wedding. Ruthie
Stoscher was quite stressed today. It was hectic. We escaped to
playing four square when we could.

The picture shows Schroeder and Kaiser on the five (no make that
seven) hour drive from Thessaloniki, Greece to the homefront in Erseke.

I am tired and I told Jane I was going to sleep an hour ago. Shhh. In
the end, she told me to blog (sharing my phone with Sam is what really
took up the hour).

So in brief, our team is: Sam, George, Steve, Kaiser, Erin &
Schroeder. Oldest to youngest.

The Stoschers are: Mark & Ruthie, parents; Abby, Becca, Jamie &
Stephen, kids.


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