Astorga to Foncebadon

Mom joined us today and she kicked our butts. We spent 30 minutes today trying to make up 100 yards on her at one point. I couldn´t make myself go any faster.

Today we lived the life of a PCT thru-hiker´s dream...hike into town, eat, hike into another town, eat. It has been determined there will be no weight left behind in Spain :(

Dad has made it to Madrid (an achievement, believe me) and will meet us in Ponferrada tomorrow.

Tonight we´re staying in a nice hostel in Foncebadon, a formerly abandoned village slightly revived for the pilgrims. Mom splurged for a private room so none of us would have to suffer the indignity of bunking with hiker trash (you know, those people we were last year, and will be again tomorrow when mom bunks down with dad instead of us). Foncebadon is the last town before the highest point on the entire camino which, unfortunately, is only about 5,000 feet. Once upon a time it was a thriving Maragato village (please investigate on Wikipedia, but basically, it´s a distinct cultural group). When we climb over the top of the hill in the morning, we enter el Bierzo, which is/was home to an entirely different culture. Silly!

Finally, tomorrow I´m looking forward to a knee-breaking downhill session and seeing a 12th century castle built by the Knights Templar. I anticipate a clue to solving the Da Vinci code will be found in the artwork of this castle.


Anonymous said…
ooh a castle!! take some pictures!

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