Leon to Astorga

We made it! We left Leon yesterday after a long day of travel, and on our second day of hiking, we hiked our first 30 (kilometers that is!!). Stayed the night at a charming hostel in Villar de Mazarife and rolled into Astorga today at 3 p.m. after putting in 19 miles, where we met Steve´s mom. She was delayed in New York, so didn´t hike the first leg with us. Steve´s dad will meet us two days from now. The three of us head out tomorrow for our first real hills.

The Camino is waaay different from the PCT. 1) There´s no wilderness (which is not surprising when you´re hiking town to town). 2) Everyone is older than us (or most everyone). 3) Lots of road walking. Also, people speak Spanish.

But we are having fun and enjoying the countryside and small towns along the way. Very charming!


Anonymous said…
yay!! glad you're having fun!
Forrest said…
I Just hiked my own 13 miles for Westminster Woods and I enjoyed it a lot! Enjoy your trip!

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