The Rain in Spain falls mainly in Galicia

When last we posted, we were about to add my dad to our hiking fellowship. He made it 3 and a half days on the pace we were setting before blisters and a snail´s pace forced him to sacrifice his chances of finishing so we could finish. He got to rest and relax and be a tourist while the rest of us pushed on.

A few days ago, with Dad still with us, we passed through some beautiful hills before arriving in Galicia, the "Pacific Northwest" of Spain, though of course it´s the Atlantic Northwest. Just like Oregon and Washington, Galicia likes to dump rain and we´ve been hiking in on and off rain for two days with two days left to hike. It´s raining right now, and that´s why I´m procrastinating with a post.

A few highlights:
- We sat in the oldest church associated with the Camino in O Cebreiro. It was built in the 800´s! It´s probably the oldest church I´ve been to, and I´ve been to Jerusalem!

- Every day we take several breaks for cafe con leche and other tasty delights.

- We tried pulpo a gallego, that is, octopus. Maybe not so much a highlight...

- We´ve had a few good conversations with other pilgrims, but it is hard to make friends when there are language barriers and when there are soooo many other pilgrims. Last night, a 65 year-old woman from Germany who is walking alone, regaled us with tales and philosphy at dinner. We laughed a lot :)

We´ll see you all real soon!


Erik said…
Glad you guys are alive and well! Hopefully Dave is enjoying his Spanish vacation sans hiking in the rain. See you in a few days!
Anonymous said…
glad you're having a good time (even with the rain...)!! can't wait to see you two!

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