Erin, this one is for you!

As I enjoy the sounds of family in the next room, I wonder how it is
that we can consistently fail to conclude our adventures on this blog.
The only consistent thing is inconsistency.

Erin B, everyone is proud of your A+, particularly in a class with
such a progressive bent.


steve mcfarland said…
I have GOT to know what this means, and will ask tonight. Also, I'm trying out using an RSS reader again.
Ikem said…
Greetings Jane and Steve! It's been way too long! Hope all is well with you.

I'm very busy getting ready for my 2011 attempt of the PCT ... This time, I think I will make it all the way to Canada! I'll be heading for Campo around 4/25/11.

Drop me a line at when you see this.

O. Ikem Sofar

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