Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Per Erin's request, we had to try a sandwich at Potbelly. As Steve
says, it is remarkably good.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Job interview

Before dinner with college buddies, I decided to interview at New York
avenue Presbyterian church. Not. Reading "Jesus for President" would
be particularly awkward two blocks from the White House.

Great Smithsonian Artifact or Greatest Smithsonian Artifact?

Amidst such detritus as a 45 carat diamond, Lincoln's stovepipe hat,
and THE star-spangled banner, a portait hangs of incalculable value.
Digitally printed on vinyl, this masterpiece once hung on the set of
the Colbert Report. The huddled masses pass by in reverence.

Chili half smoke w/ everything

We are now several months closer to a heart attack following an
amazing lunch at this DC landmark. We have to walk around now to
finish our milkshakes as drinks/eats is verboten on the metro.


Did people in the Flintstones ever deal with a T. Rex? If not, why
not? Imagine the ratings gold! Perfect for May sweeps.

At least I can say I would create a heckuva hairball for all giant
reptiles that might dare eat me. That is some consolation.

In Memory of the Hike

A picture of food! This is the antipasto we had at dinner last night.
Steve must have thought we were still on the hike too, because he
ordered a large pizza for us on top of this. Crazy!

This morning we're having a quick cup of coffee before hitting the
Museum of Natural History. Pictures of dinosaurs coming soon...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Thank you Madame Speaker

We arrived to the nation's Capitol with much fanfare. The Speaker of
the House held a press conference letting the world know we had come
to DC. She's in that crowd somewhere.

Actually, it was slightly more important than that.

20 something hours

We should really call this a travel blog, because that's when it gets
most active. Jane and I are taking a short trip to DC this week (she's
never been there before), so expect updates over the next few days.
We're being tourists!

But first, it was a looong day before getting out of town...

2:00 am- Spring forward! Lose one hour of life.
6:45 am - Arise for carwash fundraiser for mission trip. Who's the
idiot who scheduled this on daylight savings day?
7:17 am - First kid arrives, 43 minutes early.
8:00 am - Setup and standing around begins. It seems remarkably cold
to be having a carwash.
9:00 am - Official start.
10:00am - Church begins. We have several cars lined up (fifty or so)
to wash in one hour.
11:10 am - We didn't think we'd make it through. The adults were
having a hard time motivating the kids. The kids were having a wet
time doing the work. It may have been hard, I don't know, I was too
busy being a taskmaster.
12:30 pm - Done. Go home.
1:00 pm - Erik, Jane, Brian G, and Steve nitpick through the
inefficiencies of the carwash at breakfast, failing to remember we
made more money than ever before (thank you PCLG).
2:45 pm - Brian G teaches Steve how to ride the 1978 Vespa Steve
bought with Jane's birthday money from Steve for a laptop. You snooze
you lose.
2:48 pm- Steve successfully rides around the PCLG parking lot (where
everyone in town learns to drive).
3:00 pm- We kick out Brian and Erik, we need to pack.
5:00 pm - Middle School. Jesus was walkin on the lake, Team
Mythbusters trivia (boys rule, girls continue to drool), sardines. Tom
came back after several weeks and the kids had words for him.
7:00 pm - Leave for SFO, driven by Brian H.
7:15 pm - In N Out. Don't leave CA without it.
8:10 pm - Airport arrival.
9:35 pm - Takeoff aboard the purple lit Virgin America flight (it's
like a disco in there!). 5 hours, no food... And pretty much no
sleeping either). Somewhere in there it turns into Monday.
5:00 am - W A-S-H I-N-G... T-O-N, baby, DC! Actually, Dulles
international Airport.
7:00 am - Hotel let's us check in super extra early. We finally sleep.