Road Trip Day 4: Bonner's Ferry to Glacier NP

Ethan's excited face
After approximately 1,275 miles of driving, we finally reach Glacier National Park. Ethan is excited to be there!

We head straight into the park and start looking for a hike. A nice lady at the visitor's center tells us to try Fish Lake - "it's uphill in the beginning and then flattens out." That didn't end up to be entirely the case (the flattening out part - about 3 miles with a 1,000 elevation gain), but it was a good hike nonetheless and took us out to a pretty lake.

Naked baby after diaper
change gone wrong
Half way up, we stop for a little break to feed Ethan and change his diaper. Somehow through the course of changing a VERY poopy diaper, he ends up with poop up his back and into his hair. It's a lot of poop. In our infinite wisdom, we had packed plenty of diapers, but not an extra outfit. So he does the majority of the hike naked (in our carrier). He's a good sport.
Steve & Ethan at Fish Lake

We make it up to Fish Lake, have another rest and snack, and then head back down. It isn't until we're almost done with the hike that he starts crying. What a champ!

We head to our hotel for a much needed shower and some delicious huckleberry pie.


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