Road Trip Day 5: Second Day in Glacier

We wanted to get up to Logan's Pass early in the morning since the parking lot fills up quickly, so we ate our leftover pie for breakfast (we had grabbed a couple extra pieces the night before) and hit the Going to the Sun Road. It's quite a spectacular feat in engineering.

Our family with a
mountain goat family
We got up to Logan's Pass early enough to snag a parking spot, and decided to hike the Highline trail, which provides amazing landscape views of the park. We noticed several people in the parking lot with binoculars trying to get a glimpse of mountain goats, but we got the real treat when we walked five minutes into our hike and there was a family relaxing right by the trail!

Steve & Ethan on the Highline 
Since it was still early morning, the mountains provided good shade on the 3.5 miles out, but the sun was shining bright on our way back. Regardless, it was a breathtaking hike with some beautiful wild flowers along the way.

We then headed out to Many Glacier to enjoy the beautiful hotel and lake. While we were sitting out the lake taking some pictures, the thunder started to rumble, so we headed inside and stayed for dinner. As we were driving back, we saw a family of bears eating alongside the road. And then as we were almost back to our hotel, we had a bear cross the road right in front of us. Steve loves the bear sightings, so he was happy.

Along Going to the Sun Road
Before getting back to the hotel, we stopped for a few family shots along the Going to the Sun Road.


Anonymous said…
love the family photos! Miss you guys!

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