Road Trip Day 6: Glacier to Yellowstone

One of many attempts to entertain Ethan
We knew it was going to be a long drive, so we decided to go for it and get it done in one day. It wasn't pretty at times, but we did it. There were lots of attempts to entertain Ethan. At this point, he wasn't always a fan of the car seat.

Once we got to West Yellowstone and checked in at our hotel, we thought a nice little walk was in order, so we headed into the park and pulled off at the first walk we could find - a boardwalk trail next to a river. It wasn't long, but it was good to stretch our legs.

Ethan's first walk in Yellowstone
We then headed out to dinner - a wonderful tapas place. After a delightful meal, we were pleasantly surprised to see Tarta de Santiago on the dessert menu - an almond cake that came with all our "pilgramage dinners" on the Camino de Santiago in Spain. We couldn't resist and it brought back wonderful memories!


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