Road Trip Day 7: Yellowstone

On our first and only full day in Yellowstone,we decided to drive the north loop and hike part of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The "hike" was about 6 miles total, and when I hike 6 miles, I generally like to see something you can't otherwise. This was not one of those. It just took you from parking lot to parking lot. There was one longer stretch between lots, so we didn't see a lot of people there, but otherwise we didn't get many views that we wouldn't have from driving, but we did get the benefit and enjoyment of walking. Regardless, it was quite beautiful.

After we had almost done the whole loop, Steve read about Yellowstone's Lamar Valley, which is called often called the "Serengeti of the West." Unfortunately we had gone too far and didn't want to turn around. Big bummer. Next time!

Jane & Ethan at the Grand
Canyon of Yellowstone


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