Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip Day 3: Kennewick to Bonner's Ferry

Bing Crosby, Gonzaga's
Most Famous Alumna
After a night at the disputed Slurpee Capital of the World, we headed on North with visions of Glaciers in our mind. We stopped in Spokane for lunch and ate at Dick's Burgers which Steve discovered when he visited for one of his last classes at Gonzaga University. He took us on a quick tour of the campus in the hot Washington sun before heading out for points East and North.

Sandy beach in Sand Point, ID
By late afternoon, we crossed a large and lovely lake in Idaho's panhandle just before reaching Sand Point. Ethan was freakin', so we needed a good stopping point. Sand Point is a fun little berg with plenty of pep. The day we arrived, teams of runners were finishing a multi-day race that went from Spokane all the way to Sand Point, about 100 miles. We were happy to drive it in 2 hours.

A chance stop at the local ice cream shop brought joy to our tongues via homemade huckleberry ice cream. It was incredible. And beating a stampede of people there by minutes was extra sweet.
Bonner's Ferry, ID

Another hour and we made it to one of the furthest northern towns in Idaho, Bonner's Ferry, where we stayed. There's not too much to tell about the friendly folks of Bonner's Ferry, but Steve did let a stranger hold Ethan as I was getting ready the next morning.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Road Trip Day 2: Klamath Falls to Kennewick

Once we crossed the PCT for the first time, we wanted more, so we headed up to Crater Lake in Oregon to seek out some hikers and the dispensing of trail magic (aka beer). It was pretty smoky due to the fires that were happening in Northern California, so it's hard to see the breathtaking blue that is usually the lake. But we did meet one thru-hiker and got rid of one beer. We also did a short jaunt on the PCT and ate lunch outside.

This is how Ethan felt about the car after day 2:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip Day 1: Los Gatos to Klamath Falls

We've always loved road trips and thought we'd be adventurous and expose Ethan to them early on, so we set out on the open road. We didn't know exactly where our 11 day trip would take us, but we were at least hoping to get to Yellowstone. On the second day of driving, we decided to be crazy and do a similar loop Steve and I did 10 years ago - north through Oregon, Washington and Idaho to Glacier National Park in Montana, down to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and circle back home through Nevada.

On day one, we made it up to Klamath Falls, but not before stopping by the PCT crossing on Hwy 5 near Mt. Shasha (PCT class of 2037??):

And seeing our good friend Larry for dinner.